Idea of South at Loop Space, Newcastle.

Idea of South – Sound Map Installation (work in progress)
Roger Mills & Neil Jenkins.
21st February – 15th March 2009
Loop Space Gallery, Newcastle.
109 Hunter St, Newcastle, N.S.W.

Inspired by our relocation from the United Kingdom to Australia twelve months ago, Idea of South explores the quintessence of southern sentience through sound. Part phonography and part psycogeography, Idea of South maps an evolving collage of sound events through a web map interface supplied by artists and sound recordists contributions of recordings from locations throughout the southern hemisphere. As a work in progress, this impressionist soundscape will evolve as more sounds are added and there is an ongoing call for submissions. The coordinates from each location will also plot an indeterminate tonal composition for a radiophonic work to be performed in the Autumn.

See below for guidelines on how to submit recordings.

Web map installation will be online from 1800 on 21st of February at

To contribute field recordings, please email stereo WAV or 256k mp3 files to roger AT eartrumpet [dot] org via ftp host For those with access to a server, I am also happy to download from them.

Please also include the following details:

Location with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Description of location, time of year and emotional responses/observations at time of recording.

Name and contact details.

All contributors will be credited and by submitting recordings I assume your permission to use the material in the manner outlined. All contributions for the web map installation will be licensed, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed files to make ‘Idea of South’ what it is so far.

The project will also culminate in a live radiophonic work in the Autumn of 2009. Referencing Glenn Gould’s notion of ‘contrapuntal radio’, Idea of South will combine the mediums of Nicecast streaming, podcasting and mp3 download to facilitate multiple layers of sound, which can be played simultaneously alongside the radio broadcast. Contributions for the web map installation will also form part of the resulting radio work, creating an opportunity to engage the interest of the public, artists and phonographers from the works inception.


The first work in progress of the Idea of South series was composed and performed live by Roger Mills in Sydney through (Nicecast) and streamed into Plug 4 Gallery, San Francisco as part of the international Le Placard Headphones Festival on the 6th December 2008.

‘Inspired by a hydrophonic recording of a sperm whale obtained by my father during a research trip to the Antarctic several years ago. Tohora is composed of looped trumpet drones, manipulated field recordings and signal processing that fuses the frequencies and tonality of whale song in a fugue with improvised and processed trumpet’.

San Francisco based Plug 4 global headphones festival is a yearly event which explores and experiments with new medias, sonic perception, levels of concentration, isolation as inspiration, and spontaneous modification within a global community of eclectic culture jammers, curious engineers, instigators and self-sufficient sound artists. Listeners at the event plug their headphones into amps with multiple output jacks, and the festival is also streamed as a live audio/visual feed through LE PLACARD to headphone listeners worldwide.

Download performance.

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