Idea of South Contrapuntal Radio

Idea of South Contrapuntal Radiophonic Broadcast

In partnership with UTS, 2SER 107.3 fm and Utility Fog FBI 94.5 fm Sydney, Idea of South will be broadcast at 22.30 AEST / 13.30 GMT on Sunday 14th June 2009.

Samples to be played simultaneously on three separate players.

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A live three part radiophonic work, broadcast simultaneously between Sydney radio stations 2SER and FBI with concurrent Internet Shoutcast stream. To experience the work, listeners will be able to tune their devices (radios and/or mobile phones, iphones) into both radio station frequencies (see above) as well as logging on HERE to pick up the Shoutcast audio stream and the other two radio streams if required.

Exploring the ontology or notion of southerness, it is a musical sound journey integrating cello, live processed trumpet and field recordings (sound marks) contributed by sound artists throughout the southern hemisphere. As the work moves through hot dry deserts or icy antarctic waters, the sense of these locations is enhanced through the diffusion of sound over three radiophonic sound sources.

Idea of South seeks to push the boundaries of experimental radio by engaging audiences to become actively involved with the interactive decision making part of the entertainment. It guarantees a unique and immersive experience, which will unsettle as much as it will sooth

It will also be featured at Don’t Look Gallery, 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, Sydney. Bring a radio along to experience it in a truly multi player environment. The evening starts at 18.00 and also features a live performance by Forenzics.

Play Excerpt

Composed and performed by Roger Mills

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