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‘The Idea of South is an open exploration of what it means to have a world divided into top and bottom. This exploration goes beyond the southern hemisphere as a geographical region to consider how the meaning of South informs our understanding of the world as a whole. It is journey through the different meanings of South to be found in various parts of the world and its history. The goal is to re-think the north-south hierarchy and imagine new possibilities.’

Se trata de una exploración en curso en los distintos significados del Sur que se encuentran en diversas partes del mundo y su historia. Está diseñado para ayudar a re-pensar el Norte y el Sur jerarquía e imaginar nuevas posibilidades.

The Idea of South net journal and blog is an amazing archive of stories and journey’s curated by writer Kevin Murray. It has been a great source of inspiration in the development of the Web Sound Map.


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